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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 4.7186USDT 0.050863
Trade 4.69USDT 0.213675
Trade 4.7113USDT 1.006584
Trade 4.718197USDT 0.703665
Trade 4.738USDT 0.608732
Trade 4.73USDT 0.419287
Trade 4.76USDT 0.419287
Trade 4.71135USDT 0.188218
Trade 4.61USDT 0.21645
Trade 4.714USDT 0.211864
Trade 4.741USDT 0.08437
Trade 4.71000001USDT 0.271272
Trade 4.7004USDT 0.012127
Trade 4.715USDT 0.042391
Trade 4.76USDT 0.628931
Trade 4.71442USDT 0.159598
Trade 4.73USDT 0.21097
Trade 4.7151USDT 1.209465
Trade 4.7099USDT 0.400051
Trade 4.7USDT 0.423729
Trade 4.65USDT 1.06383
Trade 4.71USDT 0.14862
Trade 4.7USDT 0.212766
Trade 4.7074USDT 0.212269
AXS to USDT Calculator
1 AXS = 4.69 USDT
4.69 USDT
1 USDT = 0.213220 AXS
AXS/USDT is trading today at 4.69USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $-1,697,139.67. Axie Infinity to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. AXS/USDT exchange rate was last updated on October 2, 2023 at 13:47 UTC.

Convert AXS To USDT

1 AXS 4.690000USDT
5 AXS 23.450000USDT
10 AXS 46.9000USDT
25 AXS 117.2500USDT
50 AXS 234.5000USDT
100 AXS 469.000USDT
500 AXS 2,345USDT
1000 AXS 4,690USDT
10,000 AXS 46,900USDT

Convert USDT To AXS

1 USDT 0.213220AXS
5 USDT 1.066098AXS
10 USDT 2.132196AXS
25 USDT 5.330490AXS
50 USDT 10.660981AXS
100 USDT 21.321962AXS
500 USDT 106.609808AXS
1,000 USDT 213.219616AXS
10,000 USDT 2,132.196162AXS

More AXS to Fiat Markets:

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Pair Target Price
AXS /KRW ₩6,361

More AXS to Crypto Markets:

Select your AXS to Crypto pair to get the best exchange price and bid-ask liquidity spread:
Pair Target Price Converted Price
AXS /BUSD 1.00000000BUSD $4.69000000
AXS /USDT 1.00006397USDT $4.68970000