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Best FIL to USDT Exchanges

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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 4.7237USDT 0.247195
Trade 4.647USDT 40.81803
Trade 4.677USDT 0.106906
Trade 4.6696USDT 0.655983
Trade 4.60867USDT 0.079959
Trade 4.7USDT 0.021299
Trade 4.704USDT 0.404255
Trade 4.6891USDT 0.017069
Trade 4.729USDT 0.042283
Trade 4.7299USDT 0.073943
Trade 4.8356USDT 0.049629
Trade 4.769USDT 0.020956
Trade 4.601USDT 0.21692
Trade 4.6136USDT 0.028153
Trade 4.729USDT 0.189833
Trade 4.689USDT 0.042635
Trade 4.6889USDT 0.104304
Trade 4.77USDT 1.363827
Trade 4.685USDT 0.042653
Trade 4.666USDT 0.021432
Trade 4.708USDT 0.0848
FIL to USDT Calculator
1 FIL = 4.7 USDT
4.7 USDT
1 USDT = 0.212766 FIL
FIL/USDT is trading today at 4.7USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $0.00. Filecoin to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. FIL/USDT exchange rate was last updated on December 5, 2023 at 02:58 UTC.

Convert FIL To USDT

1 FIL 4.700000USDT
5 FIL 23.500000USDT
10 FIL 47.0000USDT
25 FIL 117.5000USDT
50 FIL 235.0000USDT
100 FIL 470.000USDT
500 FIL 2,350USDT
1000 FIL 4,700USDT
10,000 FIL 47,000USDT

Convert USDT To FIL

1 USDT 0.212766FIL
5 USDT 1.063830FIL
10 USDT 2.127660FIL
25 USDT 5.319149FIL
50 USDT 10.638298FIL
100 USDT 21.276596FIL
500 USDT 106.382979FIL
1,000 USDT 212.765957FIL
10,000 USDT 2,127.659574FIL

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Pair Target Price
FIL /IDR Rp72,904

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Pair Target Price Converted Price
FIL /USDT 1.00211023USDT $4.70008174