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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 0.029176USDT 0.030845
Trade 0.0315USDT 11.803175
Trade 0.029195USDT 0.034932
Trade 0.0292335USDT 0.091258
Trade 0.03038USDT 0.329056
Trade 0.030203USDT 0.013236
Trade 0.029516USDT 0.081312
Trade 0.02926USDT 0.068446
Trade 0.0288USDT 0.104022
Trade 0.02881USDT 0.069324
Trade 0.0291702USDT 0.581831
Trade 0.029284USDT 0.276224
Trade 0.0294024USDT 0.137954
Trade 0.030459USDT 0.013283
Trade 0.03047USDT 0.032723
ZIL to USDT Calculator
1 ZIL = 0.0306284 USDT
0.0306284 USDT
1 USDT = 32.649436 ZIL
ZIL/USDT is trading today at 0.0306284USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $28,623,468.00. Zilliqa to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. ZIL/USDT exchange rate was last updated on February 4, 2023 at 07:25 UTC.

Convert ZIL To USDT

1 ZIL 0.030628USDT
5 ZIL 0.153142USDT
10 ZIL 0.3063USDT
25 ZIL 0.7657USDT
50 ZIL 1.5314USDT
100 ZIL 3.063USDT
500 ZIL 15USDT
1000 ZIL 31USDT
10,000 ZIL 306USDT

Convert USDT To ZIL

1 USDT 32.649436ZIL
5 USDT 163.247182ZIL
10 USDT 326.494365ZIL
25 USDT 816.235912ZIL
50 USDT 1,632.471824ZIL
100 USDT 3,264.943647ZIL
500 USDT 16,324.718235ZIL
1,000 USDT 32,649.436471ZIL
10,000 USDT 326,494.364707ZIL

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Select your ZIL to Fiat pair to get the best exchange price and bid-ask liquidity spread:
Pair Target Price
ZIL /KRW ₩38
ZIL /IDR Rp462

More ZIL to Crypto Markets:

Select your ZIL to Crypto pair to get the best exchange price and bid-ask liquidity spread:
Pair Target Price Converted Price
ZIL /BIDR 0.00006781BIDR $452.00000000
ZIL /BUSD 1.00323306BUSD $0.03055000
ZIL /USDT 1.00126658USDT $0.03061000