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Coinbase Global, Inc., known as Coinbase, is an American exchange company. Coinbase has a 24 hour market volume of $1,596,261,883 and offers traders 249 coins and 430 pairs.

🏆 CI Exchange Rank 4.4 (#6) 📈 24H Volume $1,596,261,883 (#2)
📌 Headquartered United States 🧱 Founded 2012
💧 CI Liquidity Rank 0.048 (#13) 🚀 Beginner-friendly? Yes
💲 Supports Fiat? Yes 🎌 Languages Supported
💼 Business Accounts Yes ✖️ Margin Trading No
👛 External Wallet Yes 🔃 OTC Trading Yes
📱 Mobile App Yes 💰 Integrated Wallet Yes
🔮 Futures Trading No ⚪️ Spot Trading No
⭕️ Coins: 249 🔀 Pairs: 430

Coinbase is ideal for new traders entering the cryptocurrency market and experienced traders. U.S citizens are also permitted to trade on the exchange.

Pros Cons
User-friendly with a easy-to-use interface. Ideal for new traders entering the cryptocurrency market. High transactional fees
Coinbase Earn feature rewards you with crypto for learning about available coins No Margin or Future trading is permitted

Coinbase was founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong, a former Airbnb engineer. Although Coinbase was  founded in San Francisco, it is remote first and has no headquarters. The company is registered with Money Services Business with FinCEN.

Crypto on Coinbase

Crypto Market Listings on Coinbase

Coinbase has a reported trading volume of $1,596,261,883 in the last 24 hours. Traders can expect an average bid-ask liquidity spread of 0.048. Coinbase is ranked position #13 among exchanges for liquidity.

  • USD
  • EURO
  • GBP
Coin Pair Price Spread
WBTC/BTC $67113 0.01
BTC/USDT $67245 0.01
ETH/USDT $3095.31 0.02
CBETH/ETH $3309.05 0.02
ETH/BTC $3094.92 0.02
USDT/USDC $1 0.02
RNDR/USDT $10.45 0.02
SOL/USDT $171.67 0.07
SOL/BTC $171.43 0.08
XRP/USDT $0.517579 0.02
BCH/BTC $486.48 0.03
DOGE/USDT $0.151721 0.07
SOL/ETH $171.33 0.2
OP/USDT $2.52 0.04
AVAX/USDT $36.52 0.05

Crypto Verification

Coinbase has two levels of verification you need to pass before you can start trading on your Coinbase account.

Level 1-Send and receive digital currency

  • Name
  • Verify email address
  • Accept terms of service

Level 2-Buy digital currency

  • Verify personal information
  • Verify photo ID
What's Needed
🛂 Documents Passport, Driving Licence, Bank Statement 🕖 Verification Duration 1 day

Crypto Deposits

Cryptocurrency deposits are only available on Coinbase Pro mobile app. You can make a deposit  by going to the Portfolios page and tapping the Deposit button in the top rig.

Buying In
Crypto/Coins Free

Crypto Withdrawals

For cryptocurrency purchases, withdrawals and sales, users are charged a spread of 0.5%. Added to this, there is a Coinbase fee, which could be either a variable or flat fee, depending on the payment method, region of the user, and transacted amount—among other things. Customers will always be charged the greater of the flat fee or variable fee.

The flat fees are based on the transacted amount and are set out below:

Fiat on Coinbase

Fiat Market Listings on Coinbase

  • USD
  • EURO
  • GBP
Coin Pair Price Spread
BTC/USD $67219 0.02
USDT/USD $1 0.01
ETH/USD $3095.92 0.01
SOL/USD $171.66 0.02
DOGE/USD $0.15184 0.02
LTC/USD $83.58 0.01
LINK/USD $16.68 0.02
BONK/USD $0.00002717 0.04
XRP/USD $0.5172 0.02
SHIB/USD $0.00002454 0.04
PYUSD/USD $0.99978 0.01
RNDR/USD $10.44 0.02
AVAX/USD $36.54 0.03
ONDO/USD $0.93239 0.02
DAI/USD $1 0.02

Fiat Verification

To trade fiat on Coinbase, you will also need to pass both levels of verification:

Level 1-Send and receive digital currency

  • Name
  • Verify email address
  • Accept terms of service

Level 2-Buy digital currency

  • Verify personal information
  • Verify photo ID
What's Needed
🛂 Documents Passport, Driving Licence, Bank Statement 🕖 Verification Duration 1-3 days

Fiat Deposits

The Coinbase fiat deposit fees are as follows:

  • ACH-Free
  • Wire(USD)-$10 USD
  • SEPA (EUR)- €0.15 EUR
  • Swift(GBP)-Free
Buying In
SEPA Credit Transfer €0.15 Debit Card Varies by region and payment method
Credit Card Varies by region and payment method
Bank Transfer $10

Fiat Withdrawals

The Coinbase fiat withdrawal fees are as follows:

  • ACH- Free
  • Wire(USD)- $25 USD
  • SEPA (EUR)- €0.15 EUR
  • Swift(GBP)- £1 GBP

Please note: Coinbase Fees may vary based on your location, payment method, and other circumstances. In some cases, we may charge an additional fee on transfers to and from your bank account.

Cashing Out
SEPA Credit Transfer €0.15 Debit Card Varies by region
Credit Card Varies by region
Bank Transfer $25

Coinbase Fees

Coinbase trading fee charges vary from $0.99 for transactions below $10 to $2.99 for transactions under $200 or an equivalent in any other currency. Added to this,  Coinbase also charges variable spreads on purchases and trades.

Coinbase Features

Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

Coinbase offers a secure way to invest and trade with cryptocurrencies. You can choose between 249 coins and 430 pairs.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

All payments facilitated by Coinbase Commerce are fully decentralized and peer-to-peer. This means that the cryptocurrency goes directly from your crypto wallet to a wallet that is only accessible by the merchant.

OTC Trading

Coinbase’s OTC desk is agency-only, and all counterparties must clear their robust KYC and AML policies

Business Accounts

Coinbase offers crypto solutions for institutional investors, family offices, and businesses.


Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and DApp browser controlled by you and only you. This means that the private keys for your wallet is stored directly on your mobile device. You do not need a account to use the Coinbase Wallet.

External Wallets

The Coinbase external wallet acts as a internal and external wallet. You do not need a Coinbase account to access the Coinbase Wallet.

The Coinbase  Visa Card

The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that allows you to spend any asset in your Coinbase portfolio and earn rewards for each purchase. You can use your Coinbase Card with Apple Pay and Google Pay to make it even easier to spend crypto in the comfort of your home and wherever you find yourself.




Coinbase Earn

Coinbase earn allows you to earn crypto by just watching a few videos about your favorite cryptocurrency and completing a short quiz or task to test your knowledge. Any eligible Coinbase trader can view educational content for Coinbase Earn supported cryptos.

Coinbase Affiliates

When you refer a new customer to Coinbase, you’ll earn 50% of their fees for the first 3 months.

Customer Support Department

The Coinbase customer support department can be reached via email, twitter and telephonically.

Coinbase Safety

Cold Storage

Coinbase does make use of cold storage. The exchange stores 97% of their crypto offline, in a geographically distributed set of vaults.

CER Cyber Security Score (CSS)


CSS is an industry benchmark assessment of the cybersecurity characteristics of a given exchange. It consists of three weighted components: application-level security, SSL/TLS connection, and domain security. CSS uses over 18 indicators, based on the best practices of cybersecurity protection.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is a extra layer of security added to your account from the minute you sign up with Coinbase. You will need to complete 2FA when logging in and when performing any transaction.

Coinbase Vault

Coinbase traders have the ability to organize funds into different wallets or store their crypto in a vault as part of their Coinbase account. The vault can receive cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, but can also prevent stored crypto from being immediately withdrawn by adding optional security steps.


Coinbase FAQs

Is Coinbase safe?

Yes. Coinbase uses extensive security measures to protect your privacy and your crypto assets

Does Coinbase support fiat currencies?

Yes, Coinbase does support fiat currencies.

Can you short on Coinbase?

Unfortunately, Coinbase does not permit margin or futures trading.