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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 0.6203USDT 0.080567
Trade 0.621USDT 2.225755
Trade 0.6175875USDT 0.075537
Trade 0.6311USDT 0.079239
Trade 0.6196768USDT 0.059984
Trade 0.6167USDT 0.210424
Trade 0.6305USDT 0.300728
Trade 0.62651USDT 0.01319
Trade 0.6276USDT 0.031862
Trade 0.60671USDT 0.011649
Trade 0.62USDT 0.148003
Trade 0.62032USDT 0.013226
Trade 0.64638USDT 0.169701
Trade 0.607USDT 0.016464
Trade 0.61956244USDT 0.713321
Trade 0.618674USDT 0.232756
Trade 0.62USDT 0.3034
Trade 0.6199288USDT 0.112723
Trade 0.6233USDT 0.2083
Trade 0.6436USDT 0.015552
Trade 0.63063USDT 0.215679
Trade 0.6123USDT 0.080803
Trade 0.6196USDT 0.064516
Trade 0.62371USDT 0.202924
Trade 0.6271USDT 0.015903
Trade 0.62878USDT 0.095526
FTM to USDT Calculator
1 FTM = 0.630018 USDT
0.630018 USDT
1 USDT = 1.587256 FTM
FTM/USDT is trading today at 0.630018USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $52,197,226.00. Fantom to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. FTM/USDT exchange rate was last updated on February 4, 2023 at 07:54 UTC.

Convert FTM To USDT

1 FTM 0.630018USDT
5 FTM 3.150090USDT
10 FTM 6.3002USDT
25 FTM 15.7505USDT
50 FTM 31.5009USDT
100 FTM 63.002USDT
500 FTM 315USDT
1000 FTM 630USDT
10,000 FTM 6,300USDT

Convert USDT To FTM

1 USDT 1.587256FTM
5 USDT 7.936281FTM
10 USDT 15.872562FTM
25 USDT 39.681406FTM
50 USDT 79.362812FTM
100 USDT 158.725624FTM
500 USDT 793.628119FTM
1,000 USDT 1,587.256237FTM
10,000 USDT 15,872.562371FTM

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FTM /BUSD 0.99716619BUSD $0.63060000
FTM /USDT 1.00465410USDT $0.62590000