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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 0.024012USDT 0.037461
Trade 0.02373168USDT 0.305615
Trade 0.02384USDT 0.876827
Trade 0.023811USDT 0.045019
Trade 0.0237091USDT 0.241952
Trade 0.023791USDT 0.018406
Trade 0.024015USDT 0.124865
Trade 0.023793USDT 0.054661
Trade 0.023764USDT 0.071543
Trade 0.0238392USDT 0.056663
Trade 0.024025USDT 0.066575
Trade 0.024028USDT 0.049946
Trade 0.0240171USDT 0.540316
Trade 0.02403USDT 0.137174
Trade 0.02383722USDT 0.053907
Trade 0.022573USDT 11.174306
Trade 0.02378USDT 0.083928
Trade 0.02389USDT 0.125486
Trade 0.02383USDT 0.158916
Trade 0.02385USDT 0.209644
Trade 0.02405USDT 0.041563
Trade 0.023977USDT 0.457
VET to USDT Calculator
1 VET = 0.02406235 USDT
0.02406235 USDT
1 USDT = 41.558701 VET
VET/USDT is trading today at 0.02406235USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $18,129,036.00. VeChain to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. VET/USDT exchange rate was last updated on October 6, 2022 at 04:24 UTC.

Convert VET To USDT

1 VET 0.024062USDT
5 VET 0.120312USDT
10 VET 0.2406USDT
25 VET 0.6016USDT
50 VET 1.2031USDT
100 VET 2.406USDT
500 VET 12USDT
1000 VET 24USDT
10,000 VET 241USDT

Convert USDT To VET

1 USDT 41.558701VET
5 USDT 207.793503VET
10 USDT 415.587006VET
25 USDT 1,038.967516VET
50 USDT 2,077.935031VET
100 USDT 4,155.870063VET
500 USDT 20,779.350313VET
1,000 USDT 41,558.700626VET
10,000 USDT 415,587.006257VET

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Pair Target Price
VET /KRW ₩34

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Pair Target Price Converted Price
VET /KCS 9.18718499KCS $0.00261100
VET /BUSD 0.99741123BUSD $0.02405000
VET /USDT 0.99814001USDT $0.02403244