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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 0.02046596USDT 5.12583
Trade 0.01992USDT 0.250878
Trade 0.019941USDT 0.795437
Trade 0.0198716USDT 0.053824
Trade 0.019891USDT 0.171009
Trade 0.01987USDT 0.100705
Trade 0.019813USDT 0.050454
Trade 0.019866USDT 0.150898
Trade 0.0198969USDT 0.016076
Trade 0.019748USDT 0.111359
Trade 0.019968USDT 0.10013
Trade 0.019979USDT 0.184945
Trade 0.01984503USDT 0.147052
Trade 0.01989733USDT 0.150342
Trade 0.019789USDT 0.015158
Trade 0.01996USDT 0.050075
Trade 0.019828USDT 0.246976
Trade 0.01997USDT 0.2003
Trade 0.01995USDT 0.1002
Trade 0.01992USDT 0.05015
Trade 0.01996USDT 0.3003
VET to USDT Calculator
1 VET = 0.01989384 USDT
0.01989384 USDT
1 USDT = 50.266816 VET
VET/USDT is trading today at 0.01989384USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $-1,914,105.38. VeChain to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. VET/USDT exchange rate was last updated on June 2, 2023 at 21:03 UTC.

Convert VET To USDT

1 VET 0.019894USDT
5 VET 0.099469USDT
10 VET 0.1989USDT
25 VET 0.4973USDT
50 VET 0.9947USDT
100 VET 1.989USDT
500 VET 10USDT
1000 VET 20USDT
10,000 VET 199USDT

Convert USDT To VET

1 USDT 50.266816VET
5 USDT 251.334081VET
10 USDT 502.668163VET
25 USDT 1,256.670407VET
50 USDT 2,513.340813VET
100 USDT 5,026.681626VET
500 USDT 25,133.408130VET
1,000 USDT 50,266.816261VET
10,000 USDT 502,668.162607VET

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Pair Target Price
VET /KRW ₩26

More VET to Crypto Markets:

Select your VET to Crypto pair to get the best exchange price and bid-ask liquidity spread:
Pair Target Price Converted Price
VET /KCS 7.41642564KCS $0.00268300
VET /BUSD 0.99991307BUSD $0.01990000
VET /USDT 1.00142275USDT $0.01987000