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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 36.6532USDT 0.466957
Trade 36.19USDT 0.165929
Trade 36.2577USDT 0.023411
Trade 36.655USDT 0.049057
Trade 36.228USDT 0.356078
Trade 36.751USDT 0.084577
Trade 37.377USDT 0.018722
Trade 36.55999999USDT 0.724713
Trade 37.052USDT 0.029688
Trade 36.983USDT 1.156802
Trade 36.69216USDT 0.020483
Trade 36.467USDT 0.999565
Trade 36.3701USDT 0.228357
Trade 36.904USDT 0.032537
Trade 36.24USDT 0.027601
Trade 37.14USDT 0.082645
INJ to USDT Calculator
1 INJ = 36.62 USDT
36.62 USDT
1 USDT = 0.027307 INJ
INJ/USDT is trading today at 36.62USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $48,942,317.00. Injective Protocol to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. INJ/USDT exchange rate was last updated on February 27, 2024 at 09:07 UTC.

Convert INJ To USDT

1 INJ 36.620000USDT
5 INJ 183.100000USDT
10 INJ 366.2000USDT
25 INJ 915.5000USDT
50 INJ 1,831.0000USDT
100 INJ 3,662.000USDT
500 INJ 18,310USDT
1000 INJ 36,620USDT
10,000 INJ 366,200USDT

Convert USDT To INJ

1 USDT 0.027307INJ
5 USDT 0.136537INJ
10 USDT 0.273075INJ
25 USDT 0.682687INJ
50 USDT 1.365374INJ
100 USDT 2.730748INJ
500 USDT 13.653741INJ
1,000 USDT 27.307482INJ
10,000 USDT 273.074823INJ

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Pair Target Price
INJ /USD $37

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Pair Target Price Converted Price
INJ /USDT 1.00016378USDT $36.63400000