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Exchange Price Spread
Trade 37.6891USDT 0.077941
Trade 37.76USDT 0.105904
Trade 39.01USDT 2.183615
Trade 39.7111USDT 0.013525
Trade 39.8925USDT 0.159176
Trade 39.45USDT 0.025355
Trade 39.43USDT 0.025342
Trade 38.4001USDT 0.026021
Trade 39.52USDT 0.025368
Trade 37.126USDT 0.0862
Trade 38.009USDT 0.012627
Trade 37.78000001USDT 0.046462
Trade 38.5906USDT 0.040672
Trade 37.798USDT 0.026451
Trade 39.25USDT 1.088332
Trade 38.3583USDT 0.020598
Trade 39.44USDT 0.152207
Trade 38.01USDT 0.628766
Trade 39.49709855USDT 0.368676
Trade 38.3199USDT 0.60229
Trade 38.49USDT 0.078003
Trade 38.42USDT 0.104194
Trade 37.75USDT 0.105904
Trade 38.69USDT 0.025887
Trade 38.203USDT 0.078472
AVAX to USDT Calculator
1 AVAX = 38.22 USDT
38.22 USDT
1 USDT = 0.026164 AVAX
AVAX/USDT is trading today at 38.22USDT. 24-hour trading volumes are reported at $-167,608,109.50. Avalanche to Tether conversion rate is calculated live based on data from multiple exchanges. AVAX/USDT exchange rate was last updated on February 21, 2024 at 01:39 UTC.

Convert AVAX To USDT

1 AVAX 38.220000USDT
5 AVAX 191.100000USDT
10 AVAX 382.2000USDT
25 AVAX 955.5000USDT
50 AVAX 1,911.0000USDT
100 AVAX 3,822.000USDT
500 AVAX 19,110USDT
1000 AVAX 38,220USDT
10,000 AVAX 382,200USDT

Convert USDT To AVAX

1 USDT 0.026164AVAX
5 USDT 0.130822AVAX
10 USDT 0.261643AVAX
25 USDT 0.654108AVAX
50 USDT 1.308216AVAX
100 USDT 2.616431AVAX
500 USDT 13.082156AVAX
1,000 USDT 26.164312AVAX
10,000 USDT 261.643119AVAX

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AVAX /USDT 1.01073018USDT $38.21000000